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Location, location, location

One of the defining features of Fisherman’s Life Museum is its desirable location. In the 1800s and early 1900s, the Atlantic Ocean did more than provide families with a way to earn a livelihood; it also served as the area’s main route of transportation. Rather than travelling by roadways as we do today, many families that settled along the Eastern Shore relied upon the sea to reach other parts of the province. For this reason, the property’s access to the ocean by way of Navy Pool and Jeddore Harbour was a valuable advantage.

The property’s location upon Navy Pool was also ideal because of the natural shelter the area provided. While integral to a family’s way of life, proximity to the ocean presented a major obstacle in the form of volatile weather. By settling deeper inshore, the house was protected from the worst of the elements.

Finally, finding suitable farm land was a priority when choosing where to settle in the early 1800s. Though beautiful, the Eastern Shore was a challenging place to find good, arable soil, as much of the area was once covered by rocks, bogs and scrub forest.

Jeddore, NS, c1920 Navy Pool